Our Honourees

For our anniversary gala this year, the CCLA has brought together an inspiring group of honourees — men and women who have contributed, in diverse ways, to building a vibrant and inclusive society. Some of our honourees are storytellers, bringing tales of hardship and triumph to the Canadian public. Other honourees are fighters, leading the charge for social change. We thank them for their tireless work and their passionate support of the CCLA's goals.


Excellence In The Arts

Katherine Govier

Jim Bronskill

Patricia Gagic

Ben Makuch

Margie Wolfe


Excellence In
Public Engagement

Roberta Bondar

Craig Forcese

Kent Roach

Roberto Martella

Excellence In Advocacy

Irwin Cotler

Shelagh Day

Linda Bertoldi

Frances Waithe

Mary Spencer


Lisa Borsook

Dennis Edney

Yavar Hameed

Bill Bogart

Jasmine Akbarali


Ursula Franklin